About us

Founded in 2006, TriMedia Middle East has established itself as the go-to team for all written and broadcast media systems support. Our team has a wealth of knowledge across the entire media industry, with particular focus on the banking and financial services sector, and working alongside listed companies and renowned agencies.


Media should rely on the the principle of simplicity and effectiveness. We believe systems should be fit for purpose when it comes to broadcasting, and you needn't dig out a thesaurus to have messaging that is both creative and memorable.


To help media companies and corporate institutions realise their potential in content and delivery. Well established messaging and systems founded in practical know-how are the fundamental principles of good quality product, no matter which industry sector.


To achieve quality work that exceeds client expectations. Working alongside our clients, TriMedia Middle East will achieve best possible outcomes. From annual report writing, to assisting media start-ups, we deliver our work on time, and on on budget.

The details

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Our team has, written, edited, designed and published for daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and annual titles (not to mention books!) We have developed and excellent reputation for creating award-winning content for annual report and corporate communications. If you need to tell your stakeholders key information, we can help.

Years of experience has meant that we are perfectly placed to help create and design well-conceived, efficient and fit-for-purpose systems for all media platforms including television and radio. Our method of using clear and concise project documentation means that we can support one-off projects as well as long-term installations.

Creating online content, helping to design and implement strong and thorough social media strategies, put together and implement advertising campaigns, marketing an PR output and offer additional support to branding agencies in generating content for project tenders and bids. We support projects of all shapes and sizes.  


TriMedia provides training to improve writing and editing skills.  The Write Business is designed to help people who want to polish their ability to write simply and clearly, with a more extensive version for those involved in preparing detailed project documentation. Wherever on the scale the student lies, the objective is the same: learn how to write lucidly and logically, avoiding the mistakes and misunderstandings (often expensive) than can arise from ambiguity of expression and interpretation. Contact us for more information.